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Comment published in Nature

natureI am pleased to announce the publication of our commentary on Terrestrial water fluxes dominated by transpiration by Jasechko et al. in Nature:

Coenders-Gerrits, A.M.J., Van der Ent, R.J., Bogaard, T.A., Wang-Erlandsson, L., Hrachowitz, M., and Savenije, H.H.G. (2014): Uncertainties in transpiration estimates, Nature, 506, E1-E2.


Export Endnote to Jabref

To export Endnote data to Jabref install the Endnote filter set, which is downloadable from Save the “EndNote Import From JabRef” under EndNote\Styles. Then in Endnote go to EDIT-> OUTPUT STYLES -> OPEN STYLE MANAGER and tick ‘Endnote Export’.

To export certain data entries, select them (or all) and go to EDIT-> OUTPUT STYLES ->ENDNOTE EXPORT. In Jabref you can import the file by FILE->IMPORT

New publication in HESS: effect of throughfall on soil moisture

I am happy to announce the publication of:

Coenders-Gerrits, A.M.J., Hopp, L., Savenije, H.H.G., and Pfister, L. (2013): The effect of spatial throughfall patterns on soil moisture patterns at the hillslope scale, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17, 1749-1763.


Improving the understanding of the controls on subsurface stormflow generation has been the goal of numerous experimental and modeling studies. However, the effect of the spatial variability of throughfall on soil moisture patterns and subsurface stormflow (SSF) generation has not yet been studied in detail. The objectives of this study are three-fold: (1) to investigate the influence of a spatially variable throughfall pattern on soil moisture; (2) to investigate if soil moisture patterns reflect a balance between a throughfall and bedrock topography patterns; and (3) to investigate how this balance changes when soil depth, storm size and slope angle are varied. Virtual experiments are used to address these questions. A virtual experiment is a numerical experiment driven by collective field intelligence. It provides a learning tool to investigate the effect of individual processes in a complex Continue reading

EGU2013 Call for abstracts: HS10.9 Redistribution of rain in forests: Patterns, processes, and interactions at the soil – atmosphere interface

Conveners: Alexander Zimmermann, Miriam Coenders-Gerrits
Co-Conveners: Anke Hildebrandt, Jan Friesen, Pilar Llorens

During the passage of rain through a forest canopy water is redistributed. Most of the water reaches the forest floor as throughfall, some as stemflow, and another fraction of the rain is captured by the canopy and eventually evaporates. Previous studies showed that spatial patterns of throughfall exhibit a pronounced temporal stability in some forests. Yet, whether these patterns influence soil moisture patterns in a way that matters for plant growth or the soils biota is currently not known. Continue reading