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Export Endnote to Jabref

To export Endnote data to Jabref install the Endnote filter set, which is downloadable from Save the “EndNote Import From JabRef” under EndNote\Styles. Then in Endnote go to EDIT-> OUTPUT STYLES -> OPEN STYLE MANAGER and tick ‘Endnote Export’.

To export certain data entries, select them (or all) and go to EDIT-> OUTPUT STYLES ->ENDNOTE EXPORT. In Jabref you can import the file by FILE->IMPORT


PDF is not generated (LaTeX=>PS=>PDF) in TeXnicCenter

(often occurring problem with TUD-installation)

When using the build mode ‘Latex=>PS=>PDF’ and there is no PDF generated, but there is a .DVI-file and a .PS-file generated, TeXnicCenter is not able to convert a PS-file to a PDF-file. Likely, your build-settings are wrong.

  • Go to tab BUILD, then DEFINE OUTPUT PROFILES and select the profile “LaTeX=>PS=>PDF”.
  • Go to tab POSTPROCESSOR and click “Ghostscript (ps2pdf). In the Executable line write the location of ghostscript (e.g. C:\Program Files\GS\gs8.64\bin\gswin32c.exe). [if Ghostscript is not installed, first install it :)]

TeXnicCenter crashes when using JabRef

An annoying bug: when you have JabRef open and then start TeXnicCenter and try to run your code with a reference to your JabRef-database, TeXnicCenter crashes. I did not find any solution for it, but at least it helps to first open TeXnicCenter and then open JabRef. Don’t ask me why, but it often helps.

According to the bug-report it has to do with the link to your bib-file:

See also:

Getting started with LaTeX

Install the following programs (all freeware):

After installing TeXnicCenter, open TeXnicCenter and link it to the location where MikTeX is installed. For WindowsXP this is likely C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.x\miktex\bin\latex.exe.

Then go to ‘MikTeX options’ (through the start menu in Windows)  and click ‘Update formats’ on the General tab and set the ‘install packages on the fly’ on ‘yes’ or ‘ask first’.

Now, you are ready to start with LaTeX. A very good manual to learn the basics of LaTex can be found here.